Succession Planning and Deceased Estates

Succession Planning and Deceased Estates

Contemplating our own mortality and deciding what will happen to our estate when we are no longer here can be a confronting task for many people. One of the main points of difference between our business and many other law firms is our ability to connect with our clients. We are people-centric and genuinely interested in our clients’ affairs. We take the greatest of care when drafting personal instructions and are sure to consider family dynamics and other key influencers.

When dealing with trusts or organisations, we always take the time to look at the matter holistically, as well as delve into the details to consider any concerns and historical or structural issues that need to be examined prior to drafting legal advice.

We approach deceased-estate matters with compassion and a level of professionalism that clients appreciate at such a difficult time. We recognise that such situations leave no room for ambiguity and we take all the necessary care to ensure that our work is carried out accurately and efficiently as not to impede any further on grieving clients.

Succession Planning and Deceased Estates


Death is not something anyone likes to think about, let alone talk about. However a will is, in short, an essential document used to determine what happens to your assets once you have passed away. We are experienced in drafting wills across a wide spectrum of complex circumstances, and we promise to take the care needed to fully understand our clients’ situation and requirements prior to drafting wills.


Guardianship is a vital way to protect and promote the rights and interests of people who cannot make their own decisions.

We represent clients in the appointment of a guardian, who would make decisions for that client in the event that the client loses their ability to do so.

Powers of Attorney

When necessary, we help clients appoint a Power of Attorney to look after their legal affairs on their behalf.

Probate and Letters of Administration

Whether it is propounding a will or seeking letters of administration for those that pass away intestate, you can rely on us to guide you through the process.

Administration of Estate

We are experienced and capable of representing those appointed to manage and settle a deceased’s estate by collecting assets; paying debts and claims; and distributing the residue of the estate among those persons so entitled.