Dispute Resolution/Litigation

Dispute Resolution/Litigation

We work closely with our clients to minimise the likelihood of disputes.

In the event of an unavoidable dispute our highly skilled Litigation team is capable of handling the most complex of matters. Our team regularly appears in the Supreme Court, Magistrates Court and ACAT, acting for clients across a range of industries. Our particular expertise encompasses commercial, property and leasing disputes, planning and development disputes and contentious building and construction matters.

Our intention is to protect and advocate for our client’s legal rights whilst also ensuring they achieve a commercial outcome. Clients trust our expertise, commercial acumen and advocacy experience to get them the best result possible.

We are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods including arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

Dispute Resolution

Construction and Engineering Disputes

We provide a full range of services relating to public contracting, bids, compliance reviews and advice relating to false claims and contract termination. We also provide advice to clients on financially troubled projects by helping them formulate strategies to resolve or mitigate problems, which result in the best interests of both the client and the overall project.

Environmental Disputes

Our extensive experience with enforcement actions and compliance provides us with the knowledge and acumen required to be effective in all types of complex environmental disputes. We have had significant success resolving disputes before they go to court.

Real Estate Disputes

We have extensive experience and detailed understanding of the terminology, deal structures and issues relating to the real estate industry, which enables us to formulate the most effective and efficient strategies for successfully resolving virtually any real estate-related conflict.

We approach each case of dispute by advising our clients on the risks and benefits of litigation, outlining and assessing the options, and discussing how each affects their overarching business.

Commercial Disputes

We have extensive expertise regarding commercial disputes and with this experience we have been able to formulate effective and efficient successful strategies to resolve these types of matters. Due to this expertise and knowledge of commercial disputes our team has also come to adapt and understand the terminology, structure and issues in commercial disputes at a greater detail which is what has allowed us to gain such a high level of expertise.

Each matter we undertake we address our clients so they are aware of the approach we will take to their matter which includes outlining and assessing their matter as well as discussing future steps and what this could mean for both parties.

Restructuring and Insolvency

Our team has diverse knowledge regarding restructuring and insolvency and are here to assist when a company needs assistance restructuring their business or assisting with an insolvency matter. Our team works alongside our clients which enables us to have strong communication and trust within our clients whilst working towards the best possible outcome for our clients.

Employment disputes

Our litigation team has extensive experience with employment disputes and work with our client to ensure the matter is resolved as quickly as possible. We have worked with both employees and employers regarding employment disputes and understand the significance of these types of disputes for both parties.

Our team works alongside the client to ensure we understand what our client is seeking and to ensure we understand their matter. Whether it is an unfair dismissal or breach of contract our team is willing to assist where needed and can assist our clients to ensure the matter gets resolved quickly.

Defamation disputes

Our team understands the importance of a defamation matter and the affect the defamatory statement can have on our client. Our team works hard to ensure we can resolve the defamation dispute as smoothly as possible whilst trying to seek the best outcome for our client. We work with our client to ensure that the best possible outcome is received whilst ensuring that our client is happy with the overall process and outcome. We provide advice to our clients based off what we believe is the most beneficial to their matter and what will end in the best outcome for our client.

Wills and Estates Litigation (Family Provision Claims)

We understand that disputes regarding wills and estates and family provision claims are difficult and a hard time for our clients and their family. Our litigation team works alongside our clients during this difficult time to ensure the best possible outcome is received and work in the best interest of our clients to offer the best possible outcome.

Our team has extensive knowledge regarding estate disputes and family provision claims and can outline to our clients what we believe the best approach is. We approach each matter carefully to ensure that the best outcome is received and that our client understands what their claim means and how they can approach their matter.

Banking and Finance Disputes

We offer a full range of unique services regarding banking and finance disputes. We provide our clients with advice that will result in the best possible outcome for our client as well as how to effectively resolve the dispute. We approach each matter by outlining and assessing our clients’ options and ensuring our client understands the risks and benefits of litigation and the success rate their matter may have.

Debt Recovery matters

We have extensive experience and a great deal of knowledge in debt recovery matters and have assisted numerous clients with matters regarding debt recovery. We provide assistance to clients based off what we believe is best for their matter as well as making sure the matter runs smoothly and ensuring we offer advice that will result in the best offer for our clients. We approach each matter by working closely with our client to understand what they are seeking as well as what outcome they are expecting.