Intellectual Property, IT and Privacy

Intellectual Property, IT and Privacy

We have a deep and wide-ranging understanding of intellectual property concepts and possess the negotiating and drafting skills required to bring that experience to complex transactional arrangements across a broad range of industries.

Rapid advancements in technology and the prolific use of digital services has resulted in a data-driven world. With data comes personal information, and with that, a myriad of potential issues for businesses, governments, and individuals alike. Categorised broadly under ‘cyber security’, these issues are increasingly arising and require specialised legal attention. We have growing expertise in privacy law, data protection and data breaches, which our clients rely on when faced with cyber security incidents.

Intellectual Property, IT and Privacy


We provide advice to clients in all aspects of copyright law, including preparing and negotiating a wide variety of copyright-related agreements concerning ownership and licensing of copyrights, including publishing agreements, distribution agreements, work-for-hire agreements, assignments, and other transactional documents.

IT Agreements

We advise businesses across a range of industries on information technology matters, including procurement; software development, licensing, and support; hosted services; facilities management; hardware supply; integration; ICT services agreements and other dealings with ICT vendors and service providers.

Information and Privacy

In our internet-connected world, continually-evolving technology and changes in data privacy laws make privacy one of the most challenging issues facing businesses today.

We help clients in matters relating to information and privacy, from providing personalised advice, to representation on transactional matters, legislative issues, and public policy.

Data breaches

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy summarises it best — to be competitive, businesses need to be online. But this also brings risks. Australia is increasingly a target for cybercrime. Malicious cyber activities are wide ranging. They include activities designed to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of computer networks and ICT systems, or the data that is on them.

With data theft and compromise of IT systems increasingly on the rise, there are reputational, financial, and legal risks for businesses who fall victim to such crimes.

Managing a business’ cyber security affairs requires a multifaceted approach, which includes sound legal advice and representation. Our team is experienced in interpreting Australia’s privacy laws and regulations and how they apply to businesses that have undergone a data breach.