Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Australians have always been known for their ingenuity and this is as true in small business as it is in any other sector. Good ideas, however, often come attached with a price tag; borrowing or lending funds is an inevitable part of growing a business and maintaining profitability.

It is no secret that the banking and finance services industry is quite complex and highly regulated, which can make identifying the best financial path for any given project challenging. When advising on your matters, our commercially-savvy team will apply a practical approach, yielding the best commercial outcome. In addition, we consider each project holistically and pay particular attention to our clients’ tax and compliance positions. We are squarely focused on helping our clients minimise risk by providing all of the available options, which in turn enables our clients to make informed decisions.

We have negotiated complex mezzanine lending documentation for multi-million dollar high-risk loans with complex security arrangements, often involving corporate groups and trusts.

Our experienced team offers a comprehensive range of services to banks, financial institutions, investment funds, insurance companies, asset managers, and private clients, across the full spectrum of banking and finance matters.

Banking and Finance

Project Finance

We are experienced in all aspects of financing operations, be it public, private or partnerships, transaction structuring, drafting and negotiating documentation, choosing and putting in place guarantees suited to the project, executing contracts, refinancing and restructuring existing projects.

Our clients trust us to deliver creative, efficient solutions that fulfil their strategic and financial objectives.

Real Estate Finance

Purchasing a home can be both an exciting and stressful time for individuals. Our team is here to assist in removing the stress from real estate finance applications. We provide advice and assistance to clients in the drafting and negotiation of real estate financial agreements and assist both borrowers on their real estate financing and refinancing operations, as well as provide advice to financial institutions.

Self-managed superannuation funds

Borrowing or gearing superannuation from self-managed superannuation funds for the purpose of purchasing residential or commercial property must be done under very strict borrowing conditions called a ‘limited recourse borrowing arrangement’.

We provide advice and assistance to clients in preparing loan documents for limited recourse borrowing arrangements. We can provide compliance certification for lenders, as well as compliant loan and security documentation.