Business and Corporate

Business and Corporate

We consider ourselves an integral part of our clients’ businesses, just like they are an integral part of ours. We aim to establish trusted, long-term relationships that enable us to fully understand the complexities of their work and operational environment.

Business and Corporate


Setting up a business is akin to building a house — you need to get the foundations right. For a business, this means devising a structure that takes into account all of the legal, taxation and regulatory considerations that will contribute to the business’ economic viability and growth. We provide advice to clients in relation to structuring property acquisitions, construction, and business in general.

Our team of experienced solicitors will listen to your needs and work with you to determine which structuring option might be best for your business. Whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, company trust or franchise, our team is here to help.

Even with the greatest of care in business structuring, change is inevitable, and our team of experienced solicitors is here to assist with corporate restructures, and where required, partnership dissolutions.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

We provide advice to businesses on how to access the market to achieve their strategic and liquidity objectives. We are well versed in the markets in which our clients operate, allowing us to maintain a commercial approach that optimises efficiency, while reducing costs.

Our expertise include acquisitions and disposals; transaction documentation and negotiation; due diligence, drafting of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements; and sales of assets and shares.


Whether you are a franchisor or an individual seeking a franchise opportunity, we will represent your best interests in all negotiations to ensure a positive outcome. Our experienced team is able to deal with complex issues that may come up such as regulatory matters, implementation, navigating franchise agreements and franchisor disclosure documents, and advising on the transfer of private corporate entity franchise systems to publicly listed companies and private equity funds.

Terms of Trade

A commercial business cannot afford to be without a well-drafted Terms of Trade agreement, which offers business protection by stipulating the conditions under which a business operates, and details how that business operates in respect to those that it does business with.

A Terms of Trade agreement acts as a contract between a business and its customers and suppliers. The main purpose of the agreement is to minimise any business disruption that may arise out of a debt or dispute.

We assist by highlighting potential concerns and issues for your business and tailoring your terms of trade to address your individual circumstances. We can also draft and arrange the successful registration of security interests under the Personal Property Securities Register.