Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

We work closely with our clients to minimise the likelihood of disputes. In the event of an unavoidable dispute, we work hard to minimise any disruption that can come to clients and their businesses from such situations.

With our fundamental principle of ‘prevention is better than a cure’, we focus on immersing ourselves in our clients’ work, which enables early identification of potential issues. In addition, we develop prevention strategies, which go towards protecting the client by mitigating risk and minimising uncertainty.

Ultimately, we work with our clients to resolve disputes by whichever means are the most appropriate in the circumstances; as much as possible, we encourage the use of mediation to achieve efficient and cost-effective resolutions to disputes.

Paul Green is a registered mediator, and is dedicated to pursuing a resolution that will provide optimal outcomes for the disputing parties.

Dispute Resolution

Construction and Engineering Disputes

We provide a full range of services relating to public contracting, bids, compliance reviews and advice relating to false claims and contract termination. We also provide advice to clients on financially troubled projects by helping them formulate strategies to resolve or mitigate problems, which result in the best interests of both the client and the overall project.

Environmental Disputes

Our extensive experience with enforcement actions and compliance provides us with the knowledge and acumen required to be effective in all types of complex environmental disputes. We have had significant success resolving disputes before they go to court.

Real Estate Disputes

We have extensive experience and detailed understanding of the terminology, deal structures and issues relating to the real estate industry, which enables us to formulate the most effective and efficient strategies for successfully resolving virtually any real estate-related conflict.

We approach each case of dispute by advising our clients on the risks and benefits of litigation, outlining and assessing the options, and discussing how each affects their overarching business.